Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


At Xulon Flooring, we take your security and confidence seriously as you transform your properties with only the highest of quality materials.  Security for your personal information is held in the utmost regard and providing this protection is of the highest priority.


What the Privacy Policy Covers:

Xulon Flooring is steadfast in preserving the security of all personal information at every stage of the process.  Attached at the bottom of this page is the Xulon Flooring Privacy Policy; Which details:

  • Information Collected
  • Use of Your Information
  • Sharing of Information
  • How Xulon Flooring Protects your personal information
  • Updating or Accessing your information
  • Opting out of inputting your personal information in our secured database (Not Recommended)

Read the Xulon Flooring Privacy Policy for details

Xulon Flooring Privacy Policy

Application of this Policy

Xulon Flooring acknowledges the importance of privacy and discretion of said personal information. Xulon Flooring believes in protecting your privacy.  The Policy written below describes in detail how we manage your Personal Information and protect your privacy.

By providing your personal information to us, you agree to the terms and conditions of said policy.  Xulon Flooring is dedicated to continuous improvements at all levels of security and your input is strongly recommended and held in the highest regard.  Comments or Suggestions are welcomed in improving our privacy policy.  The Privacy policy is applicable only for Xulon Flooring and does not apply to practices of other companies or other entities that Xulon Flooring does not manage or control.  Policy is limited to Xulon Flooring practices only. 



The following definitions are used solely for the purposes of this policy:

Contact Information: the information provided by the user regarding to the individual’s name, position, telephone number, address, email, fax number, or place of business.

Personal Information: means information about a discernable individual, apart from contact information, and includes but not limited to name, gender, ethnicity, financial and credit information, consumer preference information, customer profiles, ID numbers and any other data assigned to an individual

Summarized Data:  Records which have been removed of information recognizing individuals, and which have been manipulated or combined to provide comprehensive, unidentified information.


Collection of Personal Information

This policy covers our handling of personal information collected through communications via emails, telephone calls,  face-time, written documents, or  through our website.

Policy covers any information disclosed to Xulon Flooring by third party.


Personal information for Employment/Partnership Purposes

Instances may occur where we collect personal information about you from third party on the event of employment or partnership, Dependent upon said company being permitted to share such information and information being available to the public or authorized by law to gather said information; Collection of information from other sources include:

  • Government agency
  • Business, trade, or professional organization
  • Your accountant
  • Employment agency

Use of Personal Information

Xulon Flooring may acquire and share personal information about you on certain occasion, employment or partnership, only if said sources can confirm that they are permitted to share said information, OR; if information is available publicly, OR; if collection of information is authorized by law.  Information obtained from other sources include sources listed below:

  • Government Agency
  • Business or Organization
  • Accountant request
  • Employment Agency, Current or Past Employer

Use of Personal Information

Xulon Flooring is permitted to manage and construct your Xulon Flooring Account;

  • To advertise new products & services that we believe will interest you
  • To receive a debt owed to Xulon Flooring or its affiliates; or to pay a debt owed by Xulon Flooring
  • To assist on credit decisions in regards to employment or scheduled appointment with Xulon Flooring
  • To assist on employment decisions and appointments
  • Personal identification for entry of office; to gain lawful entry of our office premises

Disclosure Of Personal Information

Xulon Flooring will not solicit, share or disclose your personal information without express written consent; exceptions are only when required by law to disclose.  Only under certain circumstances will Xulon Flooring disclose your personal information; Reasons listed below

  • Consent was given by Client to release personal information.
  • To fulfill services provided by Xulon Flooring; when services provided require us to release information to third party. Example; government-assigned identification numbers for customs brokers.
  • Engaging a third party for services needed; example, payroll processing for employees.
  • Collection of debt owed to Xulon Flooring.

Summarized Data

Personal information is used to calculate data for internal use and sharing with affiliates, subsidiaries, advertisers’ and business partners.  Your identity is left out; information given is anonymous. Summarized data is used for strictly marketing purposed


Giving your personal information is voluntary consent to collection, use and disclosure of information given.  Without limited before mentioned; we will ask on occasional consent when we do collect, use, or disclose your personal information.  Consent is implied through your voluntarily disclosure of your personal information.

Withdrawal of Consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information at any time as long as it does not impede with the ability of Xulon Flooring Service; Reasonable notice is required as well as hand written withdrawal consent.  Xulon Flooring loses the right to collect or use personal information without express written consent.

Opting Out

If you wish to opt out from receiving information or promotional material distributed by Xulon Flooring; do so by selecting the opt-out or unsubscribe feature.

Third party opt-outs

Occasionally, Xulon Flooring will engage with third-party marketing agencies to distribute advertisements to our consumers who have expressed interest in receiving said items.  Marketing agencies have their own distribution list; Xulon Flooring has no control over this list.  A third party request for opt out may be necessary.

Access to Personal Information

Clients have the liberty to know what personal information Xulon Flooring has obtained about them, how any and all information is being used and to who their information has been disclosed to; as well as to confirm and correct information that is incorrect.  A Client my request an access/correction in writing to Xulon Flooring.  Once request has been received, information is released to the requester within 30 days; if request is not required or prohibited by law request will be denied.

Personal Information Corrections

If information is incorrect; or if needed, Xulon Flooring will correct the personal information upon request.  Processing an access/correction request is more comprehensive, we will advise the requester of the estimated cost of responding to the request; if any expense is incurred.  Requester is responsible for providing enough material to allow Xulon Flooring to confirm his/her identity. 

Denial of Access to Personal Information Instances

Clients right to access Personal Information is not guaranteed. Denied Access for reasons mentioned below:

  • Authorization by law is required
  • Privacy of others will be invaded; unreasonable impact.
  • Protection of Xulon Flooring’s rights and property
  • Request is deemed frivolous or vexatious

If request for access is denied explanation will be given

Electronic Communications or Personal Information

Beyond the implementation of meticulous data management best practices. Xulon Flooring cannot guarantee the confidentiality or protection of any e-mail communications or any correspondence sent by you to us via the websites.

Xulon Flooring Websites and Personal Information

Access to Xulon Flooring website and its sub-domains without registering for membership or subscribing to services is allowed.  Our websites do contain links to other sites that are not governed by Xulon Flooring Policy.  Being informed and researching individual privacy policies of such web-sites will help you make an informed decision whether to use these sites based upon privacy practices.  Most commercial web-sites today track traffic patterns, site visit time, and related site searches.  Xulon Flooring may automatically; registration not needed, collect data when you visit the website.  Examples of this type of information are but not limited to; aggregate and unique number of visitors to the website, dates and times of visits to the website, IP addresses and the domains/countries of visitors, exact pages visited and which content was viewed, which operating system and browser visitor used to visit the site, search history for terms used when looking for the web-site, Links used to navigate visitor to site; referring sites, and if any; HTTP errors generated when searching for web-site.

This information is compiled in order to view the usage of our web-site to help advertising and marketing efforts, optimization of our web-site, to ensure our visitors are getting a great experience and web-site is running at peak performance.  Xulon Flooring may use information gathered to provide our web-site contractors what is needed for the “USE OF COOKIES”

Xulon Flooring is determined to providing tailored products and services to you.  To accomplish this, Xulon Flooring uses cookies to store information about your visit to our web-site.  A cookie is simply a minute amount of text that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive.  Permission to place a cookie on your computer’s hard drive is needed.  If allowed your computer adds the text in a small file. 


Site Activity Monitoring

Web Analytics are used regularly to better inform of web design and usability; this includes recording the visitors mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as any text you type on Xulon Flooring web-site.  Collection of personal data or fields with that may contain delicate personal information has been disabled.  Xulon Flooring does NOT track your browsing habits across websites which do not use these same services.  Please contact us if Opt-out option is requested.

Use of “retargeted Ads”

We collaborate with third party ad content generation mechanisms to generate display ads to our site prospects, on our behalf, across the internet.  They monitor and collect no Personal information that in any way could be used to identify the visitor; only information showing your interaction with our products and services is collected.  This anonymous information is obtained with the use of a pixel tag; this method is typical and used by most major web-sites.  Zero personal information is gathered with the use of the pixel tag.  If you wish to not be involved and opt out is wanted; click the opt out of behavioral advertising link. 

Is Your Personal Information Secure?

Xulon Flooring takes all practical steps and has strict protocol in place to ensure your personal information is kept safe from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.  Steps are taken to ensure this; Mentioned below are the measures taken

  • Premises security
  • Authorized Access only to All Personal Information
  • Deploying technological safeguards that include state of the art encryption, security software and firewalls to protect against any and all unauthorized access, protection against hacking all safeguards to provide the highest level of protection possible
  • Internal password and security policies; protects against any redundancies.

Retention of Contact Information and Personal Information

Personal information is gained in accordance with this policy only for as long as may be necessary or relevant for identified purpose of collection; may be authorized by law, after expressed time information will be made anonymous or destroyed unless express written consent or lawful authorization is given.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Since Xulon Flooring frequently analyzes all of its policies and procedures changes may occur to policies according to relevant laws and policies under which the treatment of Personal Information is subject without notice.