Xulon Flooring Eco-Friendly & Sustainability

Since Xulon Flooring was conceived, sustainability and eco-consciousness was at the forefront of our vision.  At Xulon Flooring, we do not only want to sell unfinished hardwoods, but want to assure our clients that we personally take responsibility for the longevity of our woodlands as well.  The founder of Xulon Flooring is a nationally certified inspector who has received numerous certifications in flooring inspection and education.  Our unfinished hardwood products are not only inspected for their quality, but for whether they are environmentally friendly as well.  We do this by researching the unfinished solid hardwood mills that we purchase our unfinished woods from.  These hardwoods are American-made and the mills which produce them are committed to expanding forestland. Some of their management have even served on the Forestry Commission in their respective states and manage hundreds of acres of their own private woodlands that they continually replant.  We look at their sustainability efforts and visit their mills to be assured that we are renewing this valuable resource.  These lumber mills are also certified by the National Wood Flooring Association and the National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association as well.  Not only are our lumber mills committed to sustainability by serving on their Forestry Commissions and keeping up-to-date on conservations efforts, but actively plant hundreds of thousands of seedlings each year. 

Another way in which we partner with green efforts, is we also partner with distributors who are committed to sustainability as well.  One of our largest distributor’s nationwide, Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring, plants a seedling with every hardwood flooring purchase that is made.  We our proud to give back to the environment that which we have richly been given.