Xulon Flooring Technology


Luxury Vinyl Planks/Tile

Xulon Flooring’s Luxury Viny Plank and Tile is the latest cutting-edge technology available in the flooring market.  The advantage of luxury vinyl whether it is plank or tile is that it is waterproof, scratch resistant, and can be installed easily.  Xulon Flooring’s luxury vinyl plank, in most of our collections, can be installed by a click-locking system that can be puzzled together and floated over existing floors without the stress and hassle of the demolition of those floors.  With the click-locking system, many home-owners can install luxury vinyl plank, themselves, without hiring an outside contractor, and it doesn’t have to be glued directly to the floor. However, we always recommend hiring certified, licensed installers so that your flooring will be installed correctly and will last for many more years to come.

Xulon Flooring also carries a few styles of glue-down luxury vinyl plank as well which upon installation can be glued down. 

Luxury vinyl plank and tile is low-maintenance, waterproof, and scratch resistant making it a pleasant addition to any home.  In the event a plank or tile should become damaged, it is very easy to replace the damaged area with another plank or tile.  Not only are they easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping away spills, but when they are produced they are also treated with an antimicrobial as well which prevents the growth of mildew. 

Luxury vinyl plank is created by transferring digital images of actual hardwood to the plank while creating a wood-like or stony texture to the board.  The imaging of the hardwood combined with the textured plank give luxury vinyl plank the feel and impression of actual hardwood floors without the upkeep and maintenance that actual hardwood floors demand. Luxury vinyl plank has multiple wear layers to withstand even the heaviest of traffic and/or moisture.  These production efforts also help maintain the quality, vibrancy, and strength to endure the strenuous usage from children and pets as well.

Over the last several years, luxury vinyl plank has become so efficient, durable, and realistic in appearance compared to actual hardwoods, that it has become a fierce competitor in the flooring market.


Xulon Flooring offers prefinished, engineered, and solid hardwood flooring manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

Xulon Flooring’s solid hardwoods have a tongue and groove milling and a wear layer built to endure several refinishing projects.  Xulon Flooring also offers short boards for use to install solid hardwood on a concrete slab as well. 

Xulon Flooring’s prefinished hardwood selection offers hand-scraped and traditional designs that complements the latest flooring trends or those who have more of a classic look in mind. 

Xulon Flooring’s engineered hardwood is manufactured with a cross-ply construction, which is multiple layers compressed together to provide a durability and strength to prevent buckling, twisting, cupping, or gaps in the boards.  This cross-ply construction also causes these engineered boards to be more resistant to moisture than traditional, solid hardwood floors. 

Xulon Flooring’s prefinished engineered hardwood are also finished with UV Cured Treffert Aluminum Oxide for a higher traffic resistant surface.  These engineered hardwoods can be installed on concrete or subfloor and are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and widths to complement any décor.

Xulon Flooring also offers unfinished, engineered hardwood giving you the option of a custom-stained and finished flooring on location after installation.